The Texaco® Star Returned to Puerto Rico to Stay

The Texaco® star returned to Puerto Rico operating under Puerto Rico Fuel Services with the exclusive license granted by Chevron Brands International, LLC. Texaco has stood out for its quality with over 100 years in the oil industry, leaving a proud legacy in the local market, Latin America, and the United States. The positioning of this precedent-setting global brand, with its extensive experience and presence in over 180 countries, is unique.


Currently, all Texaco® stations around the Island offer regular 87-octane and premium 93-octane gasoline with the exclusive Techron® additive. Techron® is a patented Chevron additive tested in the United States and Central America that helps keep engine parts clean, which improves engine performance and reduces exhaust emissions. Fuels containing Techron® are superior when it comes to cleanliness and mileage. According to Peter Fuentes-Afflick, senior engineer, “Techron helps molecule by molecule, by binding and removing deposits left by lower-quality gasoline in the tank.” In this way, Texaco® provides only high-quality products, always seeking to satisfy the demands of its loyal customers. 


“Puerto Ricans trust in Texaco with Techron®, which has remained as the preferred gasoline for their vehicles. That trust has never gone away, and I see it in the people who visit us daily,” said José Vázquez, a Retailer from the town of Humacao. Over the years, more Puerto Ricans have chosen Texaco with Techron® as their preferred fuel option because it works for them.


Additionally, Texaco with Techron® carry the approval of TOP TIER™ for its degree of purity and unsurpassed cleaning power. This certification ensures that the fuel contains high additives to help keep the engine clean and in optimal conditions. Manufactures like: BMW, VW, Ford, Toyota, Audi, GM, FCA, among other approved the usage of a fuel certified by Top Tier™.


On the other hand, the brand announced that each service station around the Island would have Chevron Havoline Lubricants available as of August 2022. This brand is exclusive to the network of gas stations under Texaco® throughout the local market. According to Chevron, its lubricants help to maximize and prevent loss of engine power, in addition to maintaining cleanliness. In turn, its lubricants considerably reduce engine wear and protect essential components.


Currently, the Havoline Lube brand is constantly working on the development of new technologies to protect and improve engine performance, fuel economy, and the emission of harmful agents into the environment. In a shared effort with Chevron and local distributors, this brand symbol has been part of Texaco® stations since 1946. 


With products like these, in combination with its Techron® additive and excellent service at each station, Texaco® has established itself on the Island as a leading brand in the market, offering the highest quality. 


For more information about Texaco® Puerto Rico, you can access: or call: 787-382-5558